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You can watch the video featured in this podcast, where our contributor Ali Lightfoot asks kids in the small town of Paonia, Colorado, what they want the future to hold by clicking here. (And please share your own pics and videos of the kids in your world by using the hashtag #NextGenPurple and tagging us at @TeamPurpleState!)

eTown’s PurpleState Podcast Season 1, Episode 1, “We the Purple”

eTown’s PurpleState Episode 1, We the Purple, explores the structural, historical, and cultural forces that have contributed to political division in America, centering on the esoteric question, “Umm… how the f*** did we end up here?!” It’s an epic journey, covering important topics such as Congress, the Judiciary, Money, the Media, Humanity, and Eggplants. (Nick says they’re out, by the way.)

The show was recorded live at eTown Hall in Boulder, Colorado on Wed. August 29, 2018, featuring a conversation moderated by eTown's host, Nick Forster, with: 

  • Judge Jean Dubofsky, pioneering attorney and first woman justice elected to the Colorado Supreme Court;

  • Nick Troiano, civic entrepreneur and Executive Director of the independent political committee, UniteAmerica;

  • Carla Fredericks, Director of CU's American Indian Law Program and Indian Law Clinic; and

  • Anand Edward Sokhey, CU Assoc. Prof of Political Science

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eTown’s PurpleState Podcast, Episode 2, “Truth (Fact vs. Fiction)”

The glaring contrast between fact-based truth and ideological ’myth’ presented as truth is one that is disturbing for many of us, particularly when it comes to the current American political scene. In eTown’s PurpleState Episode 2, host Nick Forster speaks with political scientist Jennifer Kavanagh, an associate director with the renowned Rand Corporation.

She’s the co-author of a recent Rand research project called Truth Decay, which focuses on the diminishing role of facts and analysis in American discourse and examines how perceptions and opinions in this country have become increasingly subjective. Alternative facts, anyone?

Learn more about Jennifer's work and Rand Corporation at www.rand.org

eTown’s PurpleState Podcast, Episode 3, “Truth Pt. 2 (Trusting the Source)”

In eTown’s PurpleState Episode 3, host Nick Forster continues to address the subject of truth. Professor and evolutionary biologist Christy McCain talks with Nick about how the current political divisiveness in this country is based, in part, on a distrust of science. They also discuss the challenges scientists face in getting their data-based findings across to the general public in a way that both sides will hear.

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