A “Purple State” is both a frame of mind and a physical state in which partisan politics in a two-party system no longer serves the interests of the American people. In a purple state (as opposed to a red state or a blue state), every vote counts, and issues involving the health and welfare of the populace take precedence over winning and losing solely for political gain. 


Purple State Dot Org is a grass roots organization that works to put the welfare of the people ahead of the infighting and backbiting associated with party politics and gridlock. We believe that this opportunity exists for our nation as a whole, that we have the chance to put our national interests, issues that most Americans agree are important, above the constant fundraising and name calling that our national politics has descended into. In other words, it’s time for new era of patriotism. 


We, by signing on to Purple State Dot Org, agree that we will work together, regardless of party or background, on behalf of the few issues that most of our fellow citizens believe to be important. Those few issues will be determined annually by our membership, but our initial platform is listed below.  


As a growing movement, we will hold our elected officials and candidates for office accountable, ensuring that they, too, will work across party lines on behalf of the welfare of their constituents rather than obstruct or obfuscate in order to either thwart progress by those in another party or to score political points. 


By joining Purple State Dot Org, you agree in principle with the following declaration: 



We “The Purple” of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect union, promote justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote general Welfare, and secure liberty for ourselves and our children, do hereby affirm that we do not live in red states or blues states, but that we live in the United States of America. 


At this moment in our history where partisan politics makes our government less efficient and political rhetoric more negative, and, in some cases, promotes violence against members of opposite parties, we MUST stand up for common sense and the common good that MOST Americans can agree to, values that transcend party. We therefore acknowledge the following priorities in order to protect our democracy and promote civil discourse in support of the highest ideals of this nation. 


Those include:


  • We believe in the power of representative democracy, that individuals can and should have the power to elect leaders who will truly understand the hopes, dreams and priorities of those whom they represent


  • We believe that in the United States of America, every child should have access to a world class education that would enable that child to compete globally for the best jobs and positions in their chosen field


  • We believe that those members of the armed services who have been wounded in combat, those who have been awarded the Purple Heart, should have a voice regarding our nation’s defense and foreign policy, understanding that those who have seen combat would be the least likely to enter into it without justification, a clear battle plan and an exit strategy. 


  • We believe in facts and the scientific method of establishing best practices regarding threats, opportunities, medical cures, technological advancements and other innovations and developments


  • We believe in freedom, including the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the freedom to practice the religion of any citizen’s choosing as well as the freedom to not practice any religion. 


  • We believe in the spirit of generosity, and recognize that some individuals and families will struggle at various times. We hope to be able to come together on behalf of those families or individuals who are struggling knowing that we, too, could come to rely on the kindness of strangers someday. 


  • We are not against paying taxes in order to secure the benefits that we enjoy as a nation, but we believe that a Citizen tax advisory committee should be established. 


  • We do not believe that corporations, whose purpose is to return value to its investors, should be given the same rights and privileges as citizens.


  • We do believe in our current form of capitalism, that every individual who works hard and can succeed, should enjoy the fruits of his or her labors, and that wealth is not inherently bad.


  • We are committed to helping future generations find success in the Unites States, and therefore are anxious to ensure their health and welfare in light of increasing evidence of climate change and other environmental degradations that are, without question, the result of human activity. We believe that we can innovate, as we always have, and lead a global effort to mitigate these challenges.


  • We recognize that we are a nation of immigrants, that all of us have come together because of our shared values rather than our shared heritage. We therefore rededicate ourselves to the legal, established protocol regarding immigrants who come to the United States with good intent and hopes for a brighter future.  


  • We do not think it is acceptable to have our students ranked 24th in Science, 39th in Math, 24th in reading globally, nor do we think it’s acceptable for our healthcare system to be the most expensive in the world while providing less for our citizens than most developed nations. Our future relies on a shared commitment to improve the outcomes for our children in school and our citizens’ health. 


  • We recognize that families are struggling in this transitional economy. We are dedicated to helping the American workforce retrain when possible to restore dignity to the middle class and provide opportunities, sometimes with government assistance, in order to lift families out of poverty and restore their faith in the American Dream. 


We welcome people from all walks of life, all political parties, all faiths and ethnicities. We do this to restore civil discourse in our politics and to restore our faith in this uniquely American form of Democracy. Please join us at this critical time in our nation’s history. We can make a difference if we do this together!